RTS GLOBAL: the perfect platform to enhance the business safeguarding application continuity

The new RTS architecture, designed specifically for companies in the cardboard world, allows to harmonize the company processes with new technological trends, providing a wide range of new functionalities in full compliance with previous investments

Interview with Mauro Mercadante, co-founder of RTS

Can you explain to us how RTS is committed to supporting companies in the cardboard sector in the challenges they will have to face in the near future?

"At RTS we are constantly investing in the analysis of new technological trends concerning the world of cardboard. To this end, for about a year, we have created a new structure called RTS LAB, composed by experts who have the mission to study the new evolutionary scenarios, translating these analyses into concrete solutions that enrich the portfolio of our applications and to broaden the integration possibilities that characterize RTS Global platform".

How important is your experience as ERP solution providers specialized in the cardboard industry and how does this experience combine with innovation?

"RTS intent is precisely to leverage our over thirty years of experience and specialization in this field in order to guarantee our customers a safe and virtuous evolutionary process towards the new RTS GLOBAL architecture and its portfolio of applications, designed in harmony with the new trends, designed to integrate in the best way with pre-existing infrastructures, safeguarding previous investments ".

Which partnerships did you establish for the development of the new platform?

"RTS GLOBAL is based on a SOA platform at Microservizi. For me it’s important to underline that our new solutions are designed to guarantee an innovative, simple and intuitive user experience, in line with the guidelines of Google Material. In particular, the infrastructure was developed in collaboration with iCubed, a company highly specialized in Microsoft solutions and architectures. Specifically, Daniele Bochicchio, Chief Digital Officer of iCubed and Microsoft MSDN Regional Director for Italy, contributed to the definition of technical specifications of the project".

From the end user's point of view, what concrete advantages are obtained thanks to these innovations?

"In addition to the already mentioned optimization of the user experience, thanks to the new platform users can use a state-of-the-art Dashboard for immediate monitoring of KPIs and rely on a wide range of web services designed to integrate in real time with the Supply Chain Management applications (essential for interacting well with large-scale retail operators).

Other examples of new features already available are: RTS Smart Sales (for Sales Force Management and optimization of the Sales Area), RTS WorkFlow, RTS Integration Kit (for an innovative and integrated management of Finance and Documentation Areas), Systems for Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain Management Solutions.

To complete the picture, I would mention the complete system of integrated Alerts for the proactive management of critical issues and, above all, a framework designed to fully ensure Business Continuity Applications ".

What do you mean by Business Continuity Application?

"The path of adoption of the new RTS Global platform is developed through an approach specifically designed to enhance previous investments by harmonizing them with the new features of RTS GLOBAL. Put simply, the architecture we have implemented allows us to gradually pass the applications from RTSv8 system to the new version, without any operational and management problems for our customers. Our goal is in fact to allow our customers to evolve in continuity ".

In a nutshell, for what reasons do you think that has come the right time to switch to RTS Global?

"To companies already RTS customers, I recommend accelerating the adoption of Global as the new platform can quickly increase their competitive potential. In addition, the new solutions allow to make a significant step forward in the ability to interact with Customers and Suppliers, in the innovative and automated management of the Sales Force and to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Mobile solutions.

For companies that are not yet RTS customers, I suggest to explore the many benefits that only our team of experts can offer them. They will discover that RTS Global is the industry leading vertical software architecture. I am convinced that, for those who want to develop their business, the right time has come to change, to adopt a tested, flexible, integrated and constantly evolving architecture. RTS is definitely the most rational, innovative and safe choice to lay a solid foundation on which building your future successes ".