Smart Company 4.0

Analysis of the areas of operations and of the business processes
Target: increase the creation of value

Smart Company 4.0 is the methodology for the mapping and the analysis of the business processes addressed to the companies of the cardboard sector that want to improve their operational performances in an effective and sustainable way.

Based on tested and vertical best practice, Smart Company allows the identification of the areas of improvement of the business performances and ensures the benefits resulting from the increase of systems’ efficiency and integration provided by RTS solutions and know-how, unique in the cardboard sector.

Thanks to Smart Company 4.0, it is possible to improve the flexibility and fluidity of the commercial, production and logistics areas, increasing the performances with particular attention to layers such as Security, Finance, Sustainability and Respect for the Environment.

Within this process of analysing and evolution, RTS provides all the support and the application solutions necessary for the business digitalization, implementing the most adequate solutions and providing the needed consulting services, training and support. Smart Company 4.0 is a tested methodology for the development of a cutting-edge, modulate, integrated, scalable, sustainable, web and mobile oriented infrastructure.