Academy R&D

Constant Innovation

Digital Enterprise

The RTS R&D team is constantly committed to study the evolutions of the technological mega trends and the opportunities made available by the digital technology, in terms of flexibility, speed and best ease of access to business information.

In particular, the RTS R&D specialists deal with solutions for the management of commercial opportunities thanks to cutting-edge tools, such as «learning machines» applied in the analysis of company and market big data.

Web and Mobile

The applications of the new Global architecture are designed to be totally accessible via web, mobile, multi-device and with intuitive and responsive user interfaces.

The Global solutions can operate with the principal web and communication protocols in the IoT context.

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Predictivity

The RTS R&D is aimed at identifying and supplying specific solutions in the cardboard sector in order to ease the decisional processes and foresee/affect the market behaviour.

Business Intelligence, analytics and predictivity models are the basic tools for targeted commercial actions and the optimisation of logistic and production environments.