Management of the organisational flows


A business process is a set of activities leading to the achievement of an objective. The processes can involve any business department, from the request for a quotation made by a customer to the request for a sample, an offer for a die-cut or a new system; such projects start from different areas and branch out with their own organisational scheme to other departments/people to be involved.

The organisation of these activities, more and more complex and interconnected, and the management of the information necessary for their execution become an added value for the company if they are organised and controlled in a shared and conscious way.


RTS WorkFlow is specifically studied for the pre-sales/technical/commercial phase of the companies of the corrugated carton industry. It uses the Global platform to integrate the RTS BackOffice functionalities and the external systems and can coordinate the activities necessary to carry out a process in a controlled, systematic and measured way.

The objective of this functionality is to concentrate, share and control all the information inside the Global system.


A unique view includes and manages all the projects and the activities of the process. Consequently, it is possible:

  • to share the information between the different departments in order to control the information flow relating the work progress and the scheduling of the activities;
  • to integrate the communication of the data and the activities between the people and the departments inside and outside the company, using mobile devices (tablet and Smartphone);
  • to pilot the activities necessary to carry on the opportunities collected on-field by the sales force and to monitor the urgencies.


RTS Workflow integrated to the RTS system on the Global platform is able to organise the processes in a transversal, systematic and controlled way through the implementation of a flow’s direction that allows the scheduling of the activities according to the company needs:

  • management of the activities to be assigned to the resources involved in the different phases of the process;
  • management of the workload of the people involved;
  • assignment in parallel of the activities of the same process to different organisational areas;
  • control of the work process through the monitoring of the time necessary for each single activity;
  • sending of alert in case the activities exceed the time indicated in the planning;
  • To Do management per single users and sharing of the information;
  • the entering of the data fuels the common Database between the RTS BackOffice applications and the Workflow;
  • the integration with Smart Sales allows to manage the information with the “Mobile” part of the system.