35 years of expertise in a modern, complete and integrated ERP software studied for the packaging industry

RTSv8 is the ERP software specific for box factories, corrugators and integrated plants that allows to have the full control of the whole process, from estimating to finale balance.

The data are turned into information useful for the management of the different business areas, allowing a concrete improvement of the operations and a saving of 30-40% of the available time that can be dedicated to other added value activities.

As a matter of fact, the RTSv8 system has been thoroughly designed to manage the business processes, with the objective to provide to the companies an important competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Technical area

The technical sheet is precise and includes all the useful data necessary for the production; the information is available in real time, determining a faster and more punctual service to the customers.

Estimating area

RTSv8 enables to precisely and in real time evaluate the production costs of each product in order to promptly give to the customers correct and coherent estimations.

Purchase area

It is possible to determine the raw material requirements for each job order and manage the warehouse supplies in the optimal way.

Quality area

RTSv8 allows to trace and know the material used in the production of each job order, therefore assuring the complete traceability of the materials.

Machine loading area

The available production capacity of the machines is constantly monitored and it is always possible to know the expected production volumes, allowing a better organisation of the machine shifts. This feature improves also the customer service, as the delivery dates communicated are more precise.

Management control area

The comparison between estimating and final balance assures a methodical and systematic economic control of costs and revenues and allows to make the profitability analysis per product/customer and to constantly monitor the production standards.