Another successful project has just ended in CARTONAJES BARCO, an important Spanish client.

The installation of RTS Global was followed directly by the director, Ricardo Tabuenca, who collaborated side by side with the RTS project manager, Giacomo Gurioli.

Ricardo, a comment about the collaboration with RTS?

The experience of RTS and the knowledge of our sector, gained in more than 40 years of history, were already well-known; what has positively surprised us is the evolution and innovation that this version of the program includes, with new "smart" and "real time" technologies and resources that help keep business under control. It is an excellent sign and an important change.

How did the installation of the RTS Global platform go?

I don't deny that I had some reservations about it; in particular, I feared that the transition could be traumatic and, instead, the competence and organization of the RTS team exceeded my expectations.

Switching to the new release was quick and the benefits for users were tangible right from the start.

Which innovation is most striking?

The Customer Dashboard: a real-time glance of the complete status for each customer.

Finally, why would you recommend RTS to a company like Cartonajes Barco?

RTS covers all the business processes of the corrugated cardboard sector, it can be integrated with any external system and its consultants have a great experience and knowledge, which allows them to provide quick solutions and suitable for every situation.

The projects are successful thanks to the collaboration of both parties!

Thanks for your trust, Cartonajes Barco!