RTS Global

Global is the new ERP system platform that not only incorporates the latest generation of web technologies, but is also ready be deployed with the 'As a Service' formula.

Global is the RTS answer to the current and future needs for a secure and diversified access to all information, not just in the workplace, but everywhere with just any 'smart' device connected to the Internet.

RTS Global is based on a new structure that integrates the RTSv8 core system with new web features, obtaining a flexible management for all system processes and aspects from business to manufacturing and logistics. Special attention is also given to security access, data control, system 'proactivity' and also environmental sustainability.

On the technological level:

  • RTS Global is Multi-Device: its web functions are designed for any device with a browser and an Internet connection (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.), taking into account the functional visualization for both traditional desktop or 'touch' interfaces
  • RTS Global is 'S.O.A.' (Service Oriented Architecture): Global Web 3 Tier architecture is designed for the highest communication flexibility and inter-operability between systems and device platforms
  • RTS Global is 'HTML 5 compliant': it supports and uses all features of the latest mobile devices. In this way the communications between supports (tablet, smartphone) and web servers are more efficient, the network traffic is minimized and the mobile access best performances are gained
  • RTS Global is technology-based: it builds on .NET Framework 4.5, Oracle Database, Kendo UI components and OData protocol

All application functions can be configured with different access profiles (depending on the type of user) and with sectional controlled permissions for data visibility and changeability.

On the functional level, RTS Global will first make available the section dedicated to sales and final customers:

  • Consultation of the orders progress
  • Insert pre-orders
  • Insert estimate requests and new customer data
  • Catalog consultation (lists, technical cards, attachments)

So, for example, it is possible for an agent visiting a customer to check in real time with a tablet the status of orders (progress, inventory, availability, etc.), place a pre-order, submit an estimate request just by indicating the essential technical card data, consult the lists, see and show the technical drawings or attachment.

So: RTS Global = RTSv8 + Internet Mobile + Cloud + Software As a Service (Saas) + Green IT + …

Proceeding from this, we will implement many new web features, integrating more and more of the ERP system core, RTSv8, and pursuing the vision of constant evolution.