Interview with Cristina Redaelli, General Manager of Ondulor

ONDULOR renovates its way of doing business thanks to the counselling services RTS SMART COMPANY focused on the evolution of corrugated cardboard companies.

During the last edition of the RTS Executive Workshop, held last 23rd November in Milan at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cristina Redaelli General Manager of Ondulor described her experience in the development of a project aimed at the evolution of the business processes of the company, based on the methodology of directional counselling named RTS SMARTY COMPANY.

How do you evaluate your experience in relation to the project of business processes optimization RTS SMART COMPANY?

“The project that we have undertaken with RTS started about one year ago. Most of the sector’s operators know that RTS, in its institutional communication, often refers to how many companies in Italy and in the world use RTS ERP and solutions for the management of business processes. In our specific case I must say that Ondulor is one of those companies that has RTS in its DNA”. This statement of mine reflects the great respect that I have for all RTS team to whom I recognize the expertise. The project of processes revision developed with RTS Smart Company methodology and counselling services represented an excellent opportunity for us.

When we decided to accept RTS proposal and get the work started, we jointly defined a path of analysis together with the improvement targets that have taken shape along the way, adapting to our exigencies. The goal was to outline the necessary modalities of doing business in a new and evolutionary way. To do so, we worked always together in close contact, acting as one in each step, even in the most delicate ones. One year after, I can say with satisfaction that the decision taken was successful and the results attained excellently met our expectations.”

Why did you feel the need to renovate your way of doing business and what are the main benefits of the process developed with RTS experts?

“We chose to do business in a new way because we wanted to shake off the daily practices; at some point, we realized that the company was working well, but there was a routine that was slowing down the growth, affecting the results and weighing above all on the human resources, an important asset. I personally deals with human resources in the company and I realized that this project helped increase the energy and the satisfaction of our collaborators: this has been a fundamental positive result, a great added value that I want to underline.”

What was the methodology applied in the development of the project and what was the level of collaboration and expertise provided by RTS in the creation of value?

“The methodology involved first an analysis of the business processes, an innovative analysis carried out by another point of view, free form the bound of the daily practices: the goal was to understand the current level of operation of the company and recognizing the strength points and the potential, that we managed to clearly highlight, as well as the identification of the processes to be optimized in order to increase the efficiency levels.

If effectiveness, in my opinion, was already a characteristic of our company, efficiency on the other hand had a great growth margin. In this regards, a particular praise is due to RTS experts that assisted us and really made the difference in terms of expertise. Such skills were not in doubt for RTS senior consultants that we’ve been knowing for years: but we have found them also in the new generation of project leaders, analysts and developers that have supported us in the different phases, with an outstanding professionalism. This factor is highly strategic for companies like ours, as we need to see continuity in our partner-supplier for such a delicate area as the ICT domain, always stretched into the future.