Imballaggi San Martino

Imballaggi San Martino was born from the business experience of Gian Battista Gorio who in 1982 laid the basis for the current industrial reality. In a space of 20.000 square meters, 12.000 of which are covered and equipped with new and modern production lines, it offers a service of excellent quality in the provision of cardboard packaging.

“Since 2007 we use RTS solutions for the management of the processes and nowadays, ten years later the first installation, I can say that we’re highly satisfied of this partnership and of the investment made. In addition, thanks to Smart Production, the innovative RTS MES developed for the scheduling, control and analysis of production, we’ve seen a significant increase of the efficiency and production level. Smart Production and the RTS software platform are a successful investment also for the integration with the machinery of our new production sites, a feature that allowed us to benefit from the advantages provided by Industry 4.0.”

Diego Gorio, Owner of Imballaggi San Martino