WebOrd: The opinion of a user

WebOrd by talking to one of its users, Euroscatola.

We wanted to highlight the advantages of WebOrd by talking with one of its users, Euroscatola, a company that operates in the corrugated cardboard packaging sector, in alveolar polypropylene and expanded packaging. Main plant is in Bregnano (CO), the company also has another production plant in Cantù and two logistics warehouses. Euroscatola transforms more than 5 million squared meters a month for a turnover of around 40 million euros.
We talk with Luca Diamante, Euroscatola's supply chain manager, who tells us that the company has been working with RTS since the 1990s, "we were one of the first customers who believed in them, I can say that we grew up together, exchanging our knowledge about box production and RTS information technology skills; computerization in our sector is fundamental because we deal with many estimates and we must manage and process orders quickly, the only way to do all this is to use an IT system that is connected to all company systems, from budgeting to processing purchase orders, with the RTS systems we keep the entire order acquisition and management process under control".
Euroscatola installed WebOrd immediately after its introduction, first they used it only with some of their suppliers, “but then it has become indispensable for our company for the process of ordering the cardboard so that now all the companies that work with us, about ten, are equipped with WebOrd, because those who have not installed are at risk of not being competitive from the point of view of the speed with which we exchange information. With this system the order of the cardboard arrives automatically to our supplier-corrugator, avoiding errors and the corrugator sends us the situation of the programming of cardboard production in real time, in this way all my collaborators are able to view in real time at what time our suppliers will produce the carton we ordered. Thanks to WebOrd we feel as if we were an integrated box factory, even if we are not”, explains Luca.

When the material is loaded on the truck, Euroscatola is immediately informed because all the DDTs enter the system automatically. With automation also the billing process is faster and also the accounting work of Euroscatola has been streamlined, all the procedures are reduced only to a mere global control of the invoice.
"WebOrd is a real added value for our company, to which we can no longer give up, my task is precisely to optimize production processes and today we have almost a lean production and we are continuously improving in this sense", Luca says.