The new RTS solution addresses companies in the field of cardboard that plan to increase efficiency and productivity by optimizing the activities of supplying production machines.

"The idea of developing RTS EasySetup stems from manifested need by some of our customers that aimed at reducing waste, associated with downtime, during supplying of printing sets, dies, colors and samples to production machines”, said Robertino Piazza, R&D and technical director of RTS Sistemi.

Following careful analysis conducted by specialized experts and consultants in these key business processes of the companies, it has been defined a focused approach and a specific application to optimize supplying activity of necessary equipments to set up of production machines.

Thanks to EasySetup, RTS Sistemi managed to solve radically this problem, creating a tool, customized to specific needs of the client, is able in a simple and automatic way, to provide detailed information in real time, at the right time to the figures in charge of supplying of auxiliaries of production line.

All this thanks to the use of innovative mobile technology, through industrial tablet with built-in bar code readers, simple and intuitive tools that replace the use of paper, improving the quality of corporate communications.

The tablet connected to EasySetup allows giving each operator, entrusted to carry out this activity, a "proactive checklist", updated in real time about production planning;

EasySetup "guides" and marks temporally: the operations to be done for everyone involved in the service to machines, to withdraw foreseen equipments from their locations, to store used equipment used a more functional ABC logic, that reduces the paths used to act in perfect coordination with productive activities.

RTS EasySetup is a proven system already in use for several months at Scatolificio Ondulkart, company especially careful to increase constantly availability of machines, production capacity and competitive potential by eliminating downtime and waste.

In particular, RTS EasySetup is functional in order to cut drastically waste and costs connected to them if following issues are present:

  • Static information on paper
  • Lack of a global overview of production schedules and orders for machine setup
  • Discontinuous flow of activities without visibility of production timing
  • Not optimized displacements in finding materials
  • Location of the printing sets and dies not linked to a "ABC logic"
  • Lack of information about quantities of color to prepare according to next orders, already scheduled
  • Lack of integrated control about the status of setup of the machines and production activities

"In conclusion”, commented Gianluca Cunial, plant manager of Ondulkart, “RTS EasySetup represents a step towards a digital company. The most concrete and sustainable response for customers pursuing the goal of producing goods properly at the appropriate time, in the dedicated place, with exact amount in respect of the chosen level of quality and especially to a fair cost/price.