With WebOrd by RTS communication between box factory and corrugator has never been so easy and fast

WebOrd is a data exchange system between the box factory and the corrugator, introduced by RTS about fifteen years ago and guarantees the real-time exchange of all data. It is a perfectly integrable solution and today it has become almost a standard in the cardboard sector with numerous installations in box factories and corrugators.

We met Marco Trastu, RTS Project Manager and Luca Giacalone, RTS Functional Analyst Manager for a better understanding of functionalities and features of this product. Marco tells us his genesis: "WebOrd is born from a precise need, that is to simplify the communication between the box factory and the corrugator. This relationship is not the usual supplier-customer relationship, but instead it is a true partnership, since the box factory needs a great variety of cardboard formats and even the orders come in very different types, so there is a high margin of error. It takes very little to produce and send a wrong batch, with negative consequences for both parties. WebOrd was created precisely to streamline, simplify and minimize the margin of error in the relationship between box factory and corrugator”.

Web-Ord guarantees the real-time exchange of all information relating to the supply of cardboard sheets including transport documents and therefore allows immediate visibility of requests and useful functions for optimal production planning. Data exchange takes place through a procedure in such a way that the purchase order of the box factory (order sheets), issued electronically, is received directly by the corrugator's information system.
Both parties involved benefit greatly from one another by using WebOrd, which is fully integrated into the RTS management system. The corrugator has in its management system the customer orders, which are loaded directly eliminating the manual steps without having to write down the data, reducing the time spent for the management of the order and the possibility of making mistakes, then the customer of the corrugator (the box factory) can take a look to the progress of production and shipment of orders directly in its management system.

The box factory has an immediate visibility of the corrugator programming progress and can directly manage deliveries and reminders; the DDTs received by the corrugator are automatically loaded to the system with great advantages in terms of registration time optimization and errors reduction. All this automation significantly reduces the operating time for sending orders, allowing using the time gained for additional added value activities.
Marco adds that "a particularly important function for the box factory is the Expected Production functionality, thanks to which the box factory knows exactly when its material will be produced and therefore it’s possible to program its box production".

Luca underlines the importance of automation and integration, "we wanted to automate a procedure that was previously carried out manually and therefore took a long time, all the data was imported into the RTS management system and there are no e-mails or phone calls, so times are now reduced considerably, even transport documents and DDT (shipping data) are automatically imported. WebOrd is absolutely in line with the current trend and the need to integrate processes, because integration means more control and security”.
WebOrd allows to manage operational flows promptly with processes controlled by the system, reducing errors and manual interventions with an important time saving and improving the overall organization.
WebOrd is not a new product but has been completely rewritten in recent years with more stable technologies, we have invested a lot in its improvement because we are convinced that it is the system that fully meets the needs of the sector, which tries to create a lean production framed within a fully integrated workflow ", concludes Luca.

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Below the photo: Marco Trastu, RTS Project Manager (right) and Luca Giacalone, RTS Functional Analyst Manager (left)