CCE 2017 – RTS announces the availability of the 4.0 version of EasyStock

Also this year, RTS took part in the important event in Monaco which brings together the main players in the cardboard world. the event, as usual, has represented a unique opportunity for the sector’s companies and operators who wish to discuss the most pressing technological innovations and trends that will guide the future development of the carboard industry.

RTS presented to partners and customers the new 4.0 version of EasyStock, the application solution designed to enable enterprises to organize the logistics of incoming warehouses accurately and efficiently, optimizing the internal handling and automating the management of loads shipment.

Among the main innovative features that distinguish this new release stand out the new module designed to steer the provision of rolls to the corrugator and the EasyRoll application, able to manage and track the rolls currently used for the production of a specific order.

Other aspects and innovative benefits of the new version are:

  • Supply chain integration
    • Management of incoming packing list: the packing list is electronic and can be received by the supplier to organize goods receipt in a more efficient way;
    • Labels management with FEFCO encoding: it prevents the operation of re-labeling, also guaranteeing traceability.
  • Internal operational optimization
    • Management of roll’s leftover: it suggests to the forklift driver the most suitable roll to take to the corrugator (a whole roll or a leftover).
    • Management of semi-finished materials and accessories: with the new 4.0 version, Ea -syStock manages all materials on order or stock.

At RTS stand many operators could assist to in-depth analysis dedicated to the new developments of the RTS Global modular architecture, able to integrate and ensure the full control of the business, from budgeting to final accounting going through manufacturing and logistics. Special attention was paid to access security, data monitoring and proactivity, in order to constantly monitor the cycle of the order and the production process, in real time and in mobile mode.

Specifically, the features that have been implemented are:

  • management of “business opportunities”;
  • workflow management in the pre-sales phase;
  • analysis of competitors regarding customers and prospects.

Important feedback and interest has also been aroused by some of the most innovative additional modules that enrich the RTS value proposition:

  • SmartAnalytics, the new business intelligence solution that allows the dynamic analysis of the business performance through KPI and personalized dashboards;
  • SmartSales, the module that has the objective to harmonize the company’s operational workflow with the managing, planning and sharing of sales force activities.

Ultimately, wide space was dedicated to Smart Company 4.0, the structured design approach developed for companies wishing to renew and digitalize their business processes. In line with the strategy of maximum care towards clients, RTS consultants are at the service of clients to identify, through a careful analysis, the areas of improvement of the company, defining specific evolutionary pathways to accompany them in the developing of their business, in a sustainable way in a digital enterprise perspective.

In this context, customers can also get clarifications by expert partners on how to benefit from tax advantages and project financing dynamics dedicated to those projects included in the program for the development of enterprises called Industry 4.0.