RTS Latin America Roadshow

Big opportunities to accelerate the business evolution in tune with the new tecnological trends

RTS has recently strengthened its presence in Latin America widening the coverage and the partnerships with qualified local actors.

The Latin America Roadshow, that engaged the RTS team and its local ARSAES partners, started in Mexico and included a series of stops such as the Capital and the towns of Monterrey, Leon and Puebla. More so now than before, the entrepreneurs of the cardboard world of this region recognise the significant changes of the competitive and technological scenario and feel the need to network with experts able to accompany them in the evolutionary choices of their business and their organisations.

In this regard, a great interest was aroused by RTS solutions, designed especially to facilitate the technological evolution and to help the organisations win the future challenges.

The sector operators appreciated the uniqueness of the RTS portfolio of application solutions and services, the only one able to cover at 360° all the business processes, from production to logistics, sales, purchases and finance, through tested, innovative and fully integrated applications.

“In Latina America, as well as in international scale, RTS win over the trust of many entrepreneurs that want an expert partner capable of harmonising different solutions, providing answers to the concrete problems, state of the art applications and high-level counselling and support services.

Such skills are based on more than 35 years of experience gained side by side with hundreds of companies in the industry all over the world – said Roberto Chicote (RTS Spain and Latina America Director), who added then – Indeed our success in Latin America is not so new: we have many important and satisfied customers in the Continent and, in this regard, I’d like to thank our friends of Papelera Sant’Angela in Argentina that are available to often host other entrepreneurs interested in touching with hands and adopt RTS solutions; also a warm greeting goes to our Bolivian customers, in particular to Papelera de Bolivia and Empacar teams, with whom we have run some very important projects with a great team spirit that has enriched all the people involved.”

In the second part of the roadshow RTS team moved to Colombia where, besides the many one to one meeting with the customers, it inaugurated the new local office in Bogotà, mainly dedicated to the support: together with the Buenos Aires facility, it contributes to further strengthen the partnership between RTS and Nova Latin America.

The inauguration of the new office was also an opportunity to organise the first Colombian edition of the “1er Congreso Técnico de Maquinarias e Insumos para el Cartón Corrugado” dedicated to the operators of the cardboard sector who intend to acknowledge the new technological trends and the best vertical software and hardware innovations designed for their business.

The convention was a great success, in the light of the already consolidated experience between RTS and Nova Latin America in the organisation of such events in other important South American locations.

At the end of the convention, RTS team declared its availability to provide further information and customised analysis on site. The present companies enthusiastically took such chance and in the following weeks RTS team has visited the production plants of many sector realities.

“In Colombia, we have noticed a great interest of the operators, not only towards the adoption of new HW and SW technologies, but also and above all towards the introduction of new organisational models, implementation and business management methodologies, able to quickly improve the efficiency and the value creation. In this case, I’m really satisfied of how the operators recognise to RTS the leading role of partner able to provide all the needed expertise to help them make the right steps and take the most adequate decisions for their future” commented Roberto Chicote.

After the successful participation to the 2017 edition of the ACCCSA Convention, held in Lima from 27th to 29th June, which gathered together the main companies of South and Centre America, RTS will be present at the new edition of FEFCO, this time organised in Vienna from 11th to 13th October.

With more than 35 years of experience gained working with the biggest realities of the sector, RTS proposes its analysis methodology named Smart Company 4.0 for the optimisation of the workflows and the RTS Global ERP architecture, thanks to which it is possible to harmoniously meet the needs of the different business areas, covering the entire job order cycle.

RTS Global is also designed to interact, through specific integration kits, with the applications of the main international players, such as OMP, SAP R3, Business One, Team System, Sistema, Zucchetti/Mago, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, and with the most innovative software for the management of production, assuring both communication and full control of the information workflows, through the web and on mobile devices.