RTS presented the new modules EasyFinancial and EasyPresence that will complement the new version of RTSv8 dedicated to the Latin American market.

Also this year, RTS has participated in the most important event dedicated to Latin American professionals in the world of cardboard organized by ACCCSA (Asociación de Corrugadores del Caribe, Centro y Sur América). The convention, with exhibition area, was held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, from 27 to 30 July and was attended by a large group of professionals interested in discussing the future development of the sector in Latin America.

During the event RTS presented at its stand to a selected audience of partners and company customers some important novelties, designed to consolidate its presence in Latin America and provide software solutions conceived for those markets, where the development challenges require innovative solutions but also proven and effective.

At the business center of Hotel Las Americas were conducted in-depth sessions and demonstrations of RTS softwares.

Among the novelties stand out the following:

Roberto Chicote (RTS Spain and Latin America), Gastone Partisani (RTS) and James Parada (Cybsa).

EasyFinancials: Financial Management and Accounting

Financial Management and Accounting, optimized for the field of corrugated cardboard, Idd.Marco is composed by the following parts: General Accounting, Fixed assets, Customers and Debtors, Suppliers and Creditors, IVA credit, IVA debt, Sales, IRPF, Intrastat and Purchasing, Cost analysis Accounting.

EasyPresence: the solution for presence control

EasyPresence is a solution for the control of presence and work times, perfect for cardboard companies thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio and its dynamic interface, that is easy to use, you can automatically connect it to accounting programs and production on machinery.

Another important aspect regards the enhancement of the RTS team in Latin America that has set new local resources, specialized in the implementation phases of projects and consultancy provision for the development of business processes, as well as assistance and application support in ERP environment.

Negotiations were also commenced to create a structure of commercial representation that can operate to let know RTS to many important companies located in Mexico and Central America.

At the end of the event, Gastone Partisani (RTS President) and Roberto Chicote (RTS Spain and Latin America Director) have commented the participation in the conference: "We are very pleased of our attendance at ACCCSA, that has enabled us to strengthen our role in Latin America and lay the foundation for numerous negotiations that demonstrate the interest of customers towards RTS solutions".

Immediately after ACCSA, Partisani and Chicote with agents Ignacio and Tomas Eiranova visited many companies during a tour in Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile.

During next few months they will continue visits to companies in the countries of Central America and especially in Mexico.