Easy Stock

System for the handling, localisation and supply of sheets to the machines

The environment

The correct and prompt provision of the cardboard to the converting machines is essential to avoid downtimes, production delays or errors, stock residuals. The staff in charge of the cardboard warehouse handling should manage both the unloading of the means coming from the suppliers and the sorting to the production department. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously and promptly know:

  • the production sequence for each machine;
  • the progress status and the level of availability of the suppling department;
  • the type of cardboard requested and the correct way of insertion in the machine;
  • the total quantity of needed and available material and its location in stock.

The solution

EasyStock-Cardboard is the solution designed by RTS to guide the operations in the cardboard and raw material warehouse. The direction of the logistics operations is directly managed by a system highly integrated with:

  • the orders management;
  • the delivery scheduling;
  • the production scheduling;
  • the shipments system.

The forklifts, equipped with a wireless station and long-range barcode readers, move in a perfectly mapped and identified warehouse and have a synoptic picture of the supplying conveyors.

The operations are directly guided and optimised by the system in the following phases:

  • assignment of new incoming goods;
  • internal handling;
  • machine supplying.

The exact quantity of available goods and packages for each treatment is directly detected in the phase of assignment of the goods coming from the supplier through the barcode labels:

  • it is possible to use the labels provided by the supplier or to directly re-label the incoming goods;
  • the type of stocking is suggested according to the scheduled treatment per machine, date, sequence, available spaces;
  • the need of withdrawals and “quarantine” for quality checks is communicated according to the type of order, customer, product and supplier;
  • the need of cardboard integrations from stock is detected according to the arrivals, waste forecast, customer tolerance.

The supplying of the machines is responsibility of the system that:

  • suggests and controls the sequence according to the released production scheduling;
  • requires a particular direction, way and front of insertion in the machine;
  • verifies that all the available quantity is used;
  • reminds the integration of the missing sheets.

The working time of the operators is fuelled by the production working progress through:

  • a synoptic picture of the supplying activities status of all the machines;
  • alarms for urgent interventions;
  • early warning of schedule changes.

The scheduled changes are allowed to the departmnet according to the sequence already set in the machine.

The system is proactive also in the internal stock management:

  • it traces the handling
  • it improves the location according to the new exigencies;
  • it monitors the materials “in quarantine” to be returned or for quality checks.

The inventory functions can by dynamically executed:

  • on rotation for each location;
  • directly on the forklift;
  • at the moment of the total end-of-period inventory.

The functionality and the immediacy of the tools and of the operational logics rapidly allow:

  • to minimise the mistakes;
  • to assure the total interchangeability of the operators;
  • to control the performances of the forklift operators;
  • to eliminate the paper documents and the manual operations.

The efficiency of the system leads to:

  • the increase of the productivity and of the department efficiency;
  • the total elimination of downtimes for cardboard unavailability;
  • prevent any mistakes for incorrect insertions;
  • no more have residuals not treated by mistake;
  • a better management of scheduled changes;
  • monitor the production tolerances;
  • the fast return of the investment (ROI).