Automatic receipt of paper sheets orders and transmission of Delivery Notes by internet

The WebOrd system meets the need to automate the receipt of paper sheets orders and the transmission of Delivery Notes between corrugators/integrated and box factories.

Upon receipt of orders the program elaborates the lines of the incoming order in three moments:

  • periodic check of incoming e-mails and archiving of those that contain lines of order in a specific folder that will be examined by RTS system;
  • when launching “Paper sheet orders opening” the system proposes the lines of order of the archived messages: then the operator can decide either to accept or modify them;
  • at the automatic opening of the production and sales order.

At the moment of the issuing of the delivery notes of the goods for the customer, the procedure:

  • generates a file with the data relating the document itself;
  • send an e-mail at the address of the customer.