RTS opens in Dubai

A new strategic partner for cardboard packaging enterprises in the Gulf Region.

Gastone Partisani, President of RTS, has announced the recent opening of a new branch destined to coordinate operations in the Gulf region, Middle East and North Africa for the Italian software company, leader in production and business process solutions and services for cardboard packaging enterprises.

The opening of the new branch, coordinated by Jamal Nasr in collaboration with Juan-Jorge Sanz, is the culmination of RTS's recent journey throughout the Gulf States, where Gastone Partisani met representatives of several companies in this sector who had shown an interest in the opportunity of receiving design support from RTS experts as well as the company's range of targeted solutions for efficiency development in the sectors of ERP, production, logistics, haulage, business planning, safety and sustainability, compatible with reduction in environmental impact.

The most popular solutions among professionals of the Gulf States include: the new RTS Global architecture which is entirely web-orientated and based on mobile technology, production control applications, quotation and business intelligence tools (EasyCube) and those designed for integrated management and logistics (EasyStock).

"Our new Dubai-based unit aims to contribute towards the training of local professionals. Packaging businesses in this area are currently facing the problem of a steep rate of development which requires a correct strategy for the adjustment and renewal of productive processes, if it is to be overcome in the right way and sustainably." Gastone Partisani explains; "To this effect, RTS has made available a series of skills and best practices for local enterprises which have been tested on an international scale and which are able to bolster the generation of value through optimizing all strategic and operational phases, from planning to production through to product distribution. Owing to our skills, consultation services and solutions which have been specifically created for this sector and are already implemented by over 150 clients in Italy and abroad, we are confident that we can contribute fully to the success of emerging enterprises in this field. This comes down to our innovative technologies, our expert resources and our selected local partners."

The new Dubai unit is the latest among other RTS structures already active on the Spanish, French and Italian market as well as others located in South America and South Africa.