System for transport scheduling ON.TMS

The new SmartTMS system is the modular tool that supports the planning of loads and transports, ensuring a better service level for your customers through the increase of vehicles’ saturation and the optimisation of routes. In fact, SmartTMS allows to formulate a loading scheme and a route plan for a mixed fleet of vehicles, in order to minimise the distribution and collection costs according to the logistic and operational constraints.

The use of SmartTMS determine a decisive step forward in the optimisation of efficiency, operations and costs containment, thanks to the following advantages:

  • User-friendly interface that allows the creation and modification of the routes in an easy and quick way (drag-and-drop of orders inside the routes plan, very quick composition on the map), determining the reduction of time dedicated to transport scheduling and a consequent increase of productivity.
  • Multi-user application: more users can work in the same session, consequently the co-operative spirit of the team is improved.
  • Very quick geolocalisation of the loading/unloading points: recognition of partially correct addresses in Google style.
  • Native integration with RTS ERP software thanks to On.Connect.
  • HTML5 innovative technology: an innovative web programming language that allows to use the software also on mobile devices (ex- tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • Availability of advanced modules for the optimisation of the load in 3D, determining a higher saturation of the vehicle.
  • Online world maps, constantly updated:
    • With Essential maps for Italy, the user has the chance to plan and/or certify the routes within Italy, without considering any constraint for heavy vehicles.
    • The extension of Essential maps to Europe allows the customer to plan also international routes.
    • Truck maps allows to correctly plan routes for heavy vehicles across Europe: once dimensions, space requirements and maximum weight for each vehicle are defined, the map automatically excludes from the planning the routes that are incompatible (ex. a too small underpass in relation to the height of the truck, a bridge/road forbidden for trucks/vehicle with trailer, etc,).