Increase efficiency and productivity optimising the setup activities at production machines

The objective of SmartSetup is to reduce the waste caused by downtimes during the supply of printing plates, die-cut systems, colours and samples to production machines.

Thanks to SmartSetup, RTS managed to radically solve this problem by creating a tool that, customized on the specific needs of the customer, is able to provide in real time detailed information to the operators in charge of setup activities, in a simple and automatic way.

The system works through industrial tablet with integrated barcode readers, simple and intuitive tools that replace the use of paper, improving the quality of internal communications.

The tablet, connected to SmartSetup, gives to each operator a “proactive checklist” updated in real time and related to production scheduling.

SmartSetup “guides” and temporally marks the operations to be done by everyone involved in the setup activities of machines, from withdrawing the estimated tools from their locations to store them according to an ABC logic, more functional for the reduction of the paths, all in perfect coordination with production activities.

In particular, SmartSetup allows to drastically reduce waste and costs related to the following issues:

  • static information in paper;
  • lack of a global overview of production scheduling and machine setup activities;
  • discontinuous flow of activities without any monitoring of production timing;
  • not optimized displacements for material preparation;
  • location of printing plates and die-cut systems not in accordance with an “ABC logic”;
  • lack of information on the quantities of colour to be prepared, also according to the following orders already scheduled;
  • lack of an integrated control on the status of setup and production activities.