The innovative solution for scheduling and production control designed for the corrugated industry

In response to the new technological trends and the renewed needs of the customers, RTS launches a new cutting-edge MES solution, based on DR.Corr technology, for the integrated management of the production processes in the corrugated industry.

RTS Smart Production is able to give continuity to past investments and capitalise the benefits offered by the new functionalities for the creation of value.

RTS Smart Production is specifically studied for the needs of the corrugated cardboards sector and is based on the expertise of RTS, the leading company in the provision of software solutions for the industry on an international scale.

The application proposes the following four sections:

  • Dashboard
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Each section displays, in an effective and proactive way, the data in real time of the plant using a modern concept of timing analysis.


  • A tool implemented with cutting-edge foundations: it has been developed on the platforms of the main international vendors
  • Analysis in real time of the production processes: it allows the real-time analysis of production and performances of a plant with the most modern analysis tools (for example OEE)
  • Scheduling instruments in support of the decisions-making process: the scheduling instrument and the plant progress status allow the integrated and strategic planning of the orders
  • Integrated forecast: it allows to use an integrated forecast tool without using any external analysis resources
  • Simplicity on board of the machine: the operations to be executed on board of the machine are simple and intuitive
  • Views and analysis of the machine targets: view and analysis in real time of the machine targets
  • Integrated reports and analysis of the production data: it offers a wide range of integrated reports for in-depth analysis of the production data
  • Oriented to Industry 4.0: it includes interconnections of Industry 4.0 type
  • Web and Mobile: it can be integrated with mobile and web applications