Smart Analytics allows to convert data into meaningful information that can be translated into knowledge and then into business decisions.

SmartAnalytics is the RTS application developed with QlikView technology, world leader in the techniques of in-memory analysis and recognized as the Business Intelligence platform with the fastest rate of growth in the world.

Today more than ever, companies need quick access to key information for their businesses. The complexity of the business world today is unprecedented. The supply chains are global and multifaceted, product variations have increased and customers are demanding better prices with margins that are gradually being eroded.

SmartAnalytics is a complete customized solution that can convert daily economic data into business intelligence that can be measured and monitored for the management of corporate performance. Thanks to an intuitive and practical application, SmartAnalytics allows you to access, analyze and handle information in an interactive way with a few clicks of the mouse.


SmartAnalytics allows to get the most value from business information already available to your company and lets you provide information immediately translatable into concrete actions to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.


SmartAnalytics brings real benefits to your company and creates value from the vast amount of information already available.

The main features of Smart Analytics are:

  • Performance Dashboard: this gives you a complete, easy to understand graphical picture of the health of the company.
  • Search Tool: via quick and easy drill-downs, this allows the retrieval of information, increasing the level of detailed information concerning the different areas of the organization (eg, margin per customer, by product type, per agent).
  • Flexible Report: gives you the possibility of creating and compiling reports for compliance issues and business planning, which you can then export to Microsoft Excel format.