SmartAlert is the new service which sends automatic alerts and informative reports

It is a sophisticated and especially useful application as it allows to proactively act prior to the occurence of situations that could adversely affect your business processes.

The main objective of this highly innovative service is to control the RTS system through the automatic sending of email to selected users, on the occasion of the occurrence of particular events.

This new application module provides the full control of all the activities performed by the RTS system, through the automatic sending of emails to the managers (or the appropriate recipients) in case of problems or for periodically scheduled reports.

Thanks to the "alerts" of the SmartAlert service, the operators and the key managers will be promptly notified if, for example, there are overdue offers by a certain number of days, if certain customers have not made any orders from a default date or if there are customers to visit within a certain time; it works even at the production level, issuing alerts if abnormal situations are occurring at production terminals. Similarly, the system can report any lacks of stock, the inventory of articles below the minimum stock level and even the possible lack of printing tools and die-cutting tools for production.

The SmartAlert service, as well as including a number of standard notifications, can be implemented with customised notifications to be implemented according to specific needs.

Let us also distinguish the "alarms" in the strictest sense from the notifications of "informative" nature: the former are linked to reports of problematic situations (i.e.: errors, delays, blocks that are occurring, etc.), whereas "informative" reports are periodic communications that are intended to be delivered to the parties concerned to keep them constantly updated on the progress of processes or leading indicators.

SmartAlert is in addition configurable on smartphone according to your specific business needs and you can set the "sensor alarm", to watch over the individual processes that you want to control (budgeting, ordering, production, logistics, administration).