The launch of the new RTS Global APP

RTS announces positives results for the consolidated fiscal year 2015 (+10%) and discusses the new investment strategies for 2016. At the heart of this programme of new technologic developments there is the launch of the new RTS Global App.

Internet and mobile lead to a new efficiency in the management of the sales force and of the Supply Chain through innovative opportunities of “direct connection”. Our experts will explain you:

How to strengthen your Business with SmartSales

Now you can:

  • share commercial information and manage the workflow of the sales force;
  • plan and control the commercial activities;
  • integrate the sales force activities with the operating flows of the company.

Improve the Supply Chain of your Customers

Now your customers can:

  • consult the order status, accessing only their information;
  • enter the order requests;
  • consult the catalogue of the products;
  • consult the product sheets.

The new Global App addresses all the RTS customers that aim to potentiate and automatize the working tools of the sales force and of the supply chain allowing a quick, easy, safe and autonomous access to the information relating the business processes that concerns them.

The new Global App will be available for free on the main online stores and easy to download on mobile devices (at first on tablets and laptops and subsequently on smartphones). It will allow operators to access the company portal/information system in real time, in absolute safety and with just a click. The interface of Global assures an intuitive and satisfying user experience and allows to immediately respond to the needs thanks to an accurate study of the navigation modalities. In addition, it provides a quick access to the contents of major interest in order to meet the operating priorities and the dynamic needs that more and more often require real time decisions and interventions. In addition, a series of alert functions will be available soon with the aim of proactively signaling any dissimilarity, problem, specific event, deviation from the set parameters and many other features designed to ease the processes.