Smart Production

RTS launches the new MES based on DR.Corr technology, designed to innovate in a simple and effective way production processes of companies in the cardboard sector


2018 open for RTS with an important innovation: the debut of Smart Production, an intuitive and cutting-edge software solution, dedicated to cardboard producers who want to increase the competitiveness of their production processes and increase profits through a precise control of single activities.

Mercadante, why did RTS decide to launch a new solution for management of production area?

“Our thirty years’ experience as suppliers of software and consulting services for companies in the cardboard sector has led us to consolidate a new vision of evolutive needs of companies in this sector. Our customers, all obviously very sensitive to the theme of the optimization of production processes, expressed the need to equip their operators with tools that not only help to control the processes effectively, but offer them a rewarding user experience and in line with times. Furthermore, I would like to stress that we have kept another key theme in mind. We have in fact set a particular focus on providing a tool that enables companies to make the most of the opportunities arising from Industry 4.0 and new production machinery. Smart Production is based on the concept of dynamic integration with the hardware and is designed not only to monitor it, but also to manage it using data that Smart Production is designed to collect and process automatically and constantly in order to drastically reduce the possibilities of some human error”.

What kind of impact determines the adoption of Smart Production in terms of evolution of production planning processes?

“Smart Production can be interfaced with any type of corrugator and production machine. Smart Production guarantees many indisputable advantages such as ease of use and remote access, and another important benefit: the solution can be installed and customized simply and quickly. Smart Production is a very reliable solution that allows a modern vision of programming: it automatically defines a timeline for each single machine involved in the process and ensures the timely delivery of each order, ensuring that the production sequence is optimal. The new orders automatically integrate into this timeline and the planning horizon automatically adapts to loads of the different machines. Therefore, the task of the planner will be to verify this timeline and then pass it to production department or adapt it to specific needs. Smart Production allows orders to be transmitted automatically by the corrugator, in real time and without the possibility of error, reducing machine downtime and avoiding the creation of bottlenecks. It is important to underline that Smart Production reacts to rapid changes due to insertion of new orders or unexpected events of the machines, anticipating the wide-ranging effects. Essentially Smart Production is a real time window on machines: the operator can monitor how many operating hours of the machine will be occupied, which webs will be needed, automatically transmit the program to the corrugator, and evaluate production progress, quantities produced, speeds, downtime, control of the composition, etc”.

Going into detail, how does Smart Production increase the productivity of the corrugator?

“The Smart Production programming system is able to find solutions that reduce the TRIM, which increase average paper width and improve production flow by minimizing the number of changes in a reduced number of widths. In addition, the “Pull Planning” allows you to predict and solve problems before they occur: you will not have to stop a machine for a wrong programming, no more surprises for orders that you cannot complete in time. Smart Production suggests exactly what orders must be realized in the corrugator and at what times. Smart Production machine terminals show planning, order details, CAD drawings, technical data sheets with their graphic attachments, display diagrams of printing plates and dies, and place the box design ready for operator’s view without the operator must intervene directly on the machine. Smart Production also gives the ability to create and print pallet labels and labels for internal use that can be customized with complex bar codes and logos”.

What benefits can obtain a sales department of a company that decides to equip itself with Smart Production?

“It is interesting to note that sales department will also be able to verify in real time load and capacity of the machines, progress of production orders, knowing in advance programming and the required material. In this way, all production data can be evaluated promptly and correctly. With just one click it is possible to analyse the machine’s programming, the order being produced or the production statistics of the day”.

When will Smart Production be available on the market?

“The solution is already available and extensively tested by some of our customers who have decided to adopt it immediately. Obviously, we already have many requests from customers who intend to upgrade their current MES. We are very satisfied with all this interest and positive feedback from users. After all, it is mainly for their satisfaction that we invest and are committed to constantly improving our portfolio of solutions”.