Smart Company

Smart Company is a new methodology for mapping business processes for corrugated board companies; it aims to enhance operating performance in an effective and sustainable way.

Smart Company is based on proven and vertical best practices. It allows you to identify areas where business performance can be improved. RTS’s solutions and know-how, unique in the corrugated board sector, provide the benefits of efficiency and integration of systems. This innovative methodology covers all management areas simultaneously and aims to integrate them effectively.

By mapping processes and integrating them further, it is possible to increase efficiency and flexibility, profits and performance in areas such as production, sales and logistics while focusing on factors such as security, sustainability and respect of the environment.

The goals possible owing to Smart Company are:

• Offer new strategic management solutions with support, training and implementation of services

• Form a co-operative team with customers

• Focus on each intervention and the linearity of possible solutions

• Underline new sustainability requirements and a respect for the environment

• Propose new projects to increase profit margins

In the analysis and evolution process, RTS provides all the consulting support and applications needed to become a Smart Company:

• maps business processes and assesses levels of efficiency and integration

• implements the best solutions to increase performance in a balanced and integrated way

• provides the necessary advice, training and support for the development of an infrastructure which is avant-garde, modular, integrated, scalable and sustainable