RTS WorkFlow

Effectively managing business processes to increase value creation

The new RTS solution for organizational flows management enables control and harmonization of all business activities that make up the business processes

Interview with Robertino Piazza (R&D Director of RTS)

Nowadays the workflow management solutions attract huge interest for the companies that want to stimulate the collaboration between the different business areas, in order to optimize the business processes through the adoption of ad hoc software studied to facilitate the sharing of information, simplifying the communication and the assignation of the tasks between the involved resources.

The management of the flows allows to increase the efficiency, eliminating the dispersion of resources, and to standardize the work methods and the activities with appropriate tools and verification criteria, everything though web based and mobile modality.

Eng. Piazza, to what needs of your customers did you want to respond by releasing this new RTS WorkFlow module?

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to develop this new module that manages business processes as a connected set of activities needed to reach the goal. In other words, all customer requests trigger a workflow, whatever the type and source.

Project requests, sample, offer, modification, order, etc. coming directly from outside agents or sales people or from internal correspondents, are gathered in a single control and management tool.

Processes, once activated, are run by RTS Workflow that coordinates activities involving enterprise resources in a predefined and controlled operating plan, while maintaining the flexibility that is indispensable in our industry; a tool that realizes a concrete contribution to efficiency and value creation.”

What are the features of RTS WorkFlow solution?

“RTS WorkFlow, totally parametrizable on the peculiar characteristics and requirements of every single company and department, has been specifically designed to optimize presales/technical/commercial phase of corrugated cardboard companies.

RTS WorkFlow is a module of the Global platform; connects all back-office functions with CRM activities available to external office personnel on a mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

A strong integration with all RTS solution modules provides direct access to back office functions design and review processes, technical datasheet, estimates, offers, orders, purchases, machine loads, etc. Information about each opportunity is focused, sorted, cataloged and always directly available for all involved operators. These are very important advantages of RTS WorkFlow solution.”

What are the main benefits offered by RTS WorkFlow?

“The benefits of such an integrated system are high both for the organization in general and for single users.

For user, RTS WorkFlow facilitates day-to-day operation, for example, the monitoring of “To Do” allows to control easily and effortlessly load activity, progress status, and priorities.

The automatic control of lead time and progress enables specific high light and alarms to be activated, preventing delays and inefficiencies.

Everyone is able to follow the progress of opportunities by monitoring the customer both from office and in mobility through a single access point.”

What is the level of integration between RTS WorkFlow and RTS Global platform and, in summary, what added value is guaranteed to the customer?

“RTS WorkFlow is an integrated module that systematically controls and organizes corporate work following a careful” direction “of streams according to the best paths.

Its connection to the Global platform allows to directly access to all the different RTS solution modules by coordinating and linking mobile and back office functions. In this way, Smart Sales, Smart CRM, Back Office (design, estimation, offers, approval flow, technical activities, machine load, purchase, etc.) communicate, coordinate themselves and are activated at the appropriate time.

In addition, RTS WorkFlow allows to control the workload of technical and commercial resources, balance commitments, prioritize them, monitor run times, identify bottlenecks, and critical issues. Even from the point of view of commercial management, RTS WorkFlow’s ability to systematically detect the commitment required by each customer and agent by evaluating it with the volume of business produced is not negligible. Once again, RTS’s development team is launching an innovative and specific solution for the corrugated cardboard industry, increasingly focusing on efficiency, competitive advantages and economic aspects that a good corporate organization can provide.”