RTS launches Smart Company 4.0

Goal of this alliance is the further development of the portfolio of strategic consulting RTS Smart Company 4.0 services, dedicated to com-panies operating in the cardboard world and wishing to strengthen and optimize their business processes.

“Together with DGM Consulting we wanted to expand the range of our services by entering a new method of analysis and evaluation of information in predictive key that can enhance the capabilities of BI and CRM.

All this in order to make more streamlined and efficient decision-making processes and business development of our customers, as well as to highlight areas of improvement that can contribute to a drastic reduction of the problems through careful planning of current and future variables”, said Gastone Partisani President of RTS.

Gianluca Meloni,founder of DGM Consulting, commented: “We have been engaged for years in the design of systems for measuring and monitoring of business performances and, in particular, market performances, we try to do this combining innovation and pragmatism.

This agreement with RTS, a leader for 35years in providing cutting-edge ERP solutions for companies operating in the cardboard world, allows us to share our experiences with the operators of this sector, to whom we offer a gradual optimization path of development of their business models and relationships with main reference markets and customers”.

Massimo Partisani, Executive Director of RTS added: “In the coming months our customerswill be able to know better this further development of our portfolio of services and solutions to support their business participating in a series of dedicated workshops, as well as specific networking moments."