RTS launches Easy Display

Among the most noteworthy innovations recently developed by RTS to improve the efficiency of its customers’ production processes, stands out RTS Easy Display, a new application module for companies that intend to develop and produce complex packaging, especially displays. To meet this need, RTS committed to provide a solution that speeds up and makes clearer the management of the technical sheet.

Interview with Mauro Mercadante, co-founder of RTS

How did you achieve this result?

“Today, the market demands more and more efficient production and management of multi-component packaging. In fact, this type of packaging is known to leave a good profit margin.

Faced with this growing need, RTS has decided to offer its customers an evolution of the technical datasheet management with new features optimized for the management of complex packaging and a much more ergonomic design."

How do you summarize the new management of the technical data sheet for displays?

“The new management of the technical datasheet includes the peculiarities of the displays production, which in particular allows: an overview of the structure, a fast management and understanding of the structure that verifies in the correctness and completeness of the data.”

What are the main benefits for production management?

“The new features simplify the definition of each single component that make up the display. You can also group components for production or assembly.

The system offers the “preferred” section that stores previously used components. The main benefits are visible during design and estimation, generation of project variants and offer reviews.

This new management greatly facilitates the definition of a display, as well as the understanding of its structure and the check of the correctness of data required for cost analysis, production and assembly.

The new system supports the use of raw materials different from corrugated cardboard, and the management of laminated is also foreseen. Any involved material can be managed as warehouse stock or as material that must be obtained from a purchase order.

Complex packaging management is rather articulated, for this reason we have developed a new and innovative graphic environment that allows you to make the most of the new features of the technical datasheet organized in a tree-view chart.

In this way, the information associated with displays are clearly shown. The user can easily interpret the packaging of each component and their structure within the technical datasheet. This way of presenting information facilitates the subsequent maintenance and technical datasheet management: creating additional components, materials, processing, components assembly, etc.

With this additional module, RTS wants to support companies active in corrugated cardboard industry, so they can make the most innovative strategic choices."