RTS increases investments in R&D

RTS LAB is born, the new unit dedicated to the technological evolution of the new RTS Global Foundation 4.0 software platform

After an intense and satisfactory 2017, marked by a significant increase in turnover and the acquisition of important projects in Italy and Latin America, among which two new clients in Mexico, an area from which a strong growth is expected, RTS is preparing to further enhance its "software factory" enriching it with a new department called RTS LAB: a team of experts focused on the development of the new Global Foundation 4.0 platform.

Interview with Gastone Partisani, RTS President

Mr Partisani, where does the idea of RTS LAB come from?

“It is a project born from afar, from the desire that we have always cherished to be able to guarantee our customers a constant evolution of their software assets to assure the highest level of system performance and control of processes and resources, pursuing the containment of waste and increasing profits. The team and the resources that RTS has dedicated to the creation of its Lab represent an extraordinary investment that our customers will appreciate as the result of the work of this unit will be available to them. Within this structure, we will incubate and test all the most innovative technologies that will become part of the portfolio of infrastructural and application solutions that ma ke up the RTS Global architecture. The RTS Lab structure will be located in a new site that will soon be inaugurated in Forli, near the main RTS headquarters.”

What are the main features of the new SW Global Foundation 4.0 platform?

“First, let’s clarify the strategic objective of this new platform, that is to guarantee the Business Continuity Application of our customers. The platform is totally S.O.A., Mobile & Cloud Ready. It also allows to integrate the various application parts of our Global Business Application Suite in an easy, gradual and modular way. All harmonized with the new ERP RTS V9, ensuring maximum levels of efficiency and a last generation and rewarding user experience. Starting from the next few months, RTS customers will be able to migrate to the new platform gradually and in total safety, protecting their investments and increasing their competitive potential.”

From the point of view of applications, what are the most interesting innovations planned for 2018?

“Smart Production, a totally innovative solution able to drastically simplify the management of production processes, optimizing timing, materials and resources in an extremely smart way, designed to accelerate the creation of value by reducing the incidence of problems typical of the sector. Among the main strengths of this new solution I would like to emphasize the simple and intuitive interface and that the solution is already tested, in production and available for all our customers both in Italy and internationally.”

As regards professional services and advice, what are the news?

“On the services front, I would like to highlight the new alliance between RTS and Induvation (spin off of the Fraunhofer IML - Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik) specialized in the management of Lean Management and Production Logistics. Together we have recently formalized a partnership for the supply and the enabling of software solutions and consulting services for the optimization of innovative and “lean” business processes of the companies in the cardboard world in tune with Industry 4.0. The initiative stems from many successes that RTS and Induvation have gathered in the joint development of projects for the digitalization of business of important sector companies operating in the Italian market. The areas on which we intend to focus our energies, putting together respective competences and solutions, are mainly these: the centrality of the human factor in the digitalization process, IOT and digital enterprise, the management of large amounts of data (Big Data Management), workflow management and improvement of the user experience.”

What events are you planning for the near future?

“The main appointment we have in Italy is definitely the Gifco Convention, on 18 and 19 May 2018 in Viareggio (LU). Other meeting opportunities, even online, are currently under definition and will be gradually published during the year on our website and of course on our newsletter to which you can easily register by accessing the form on the home page of our portal at www.rtsystem.com.”