RTS France

Our first success stories and some interesting upcoming challenges.

After the opening of the French headquarters, a key component of the RTS internationalization strategy, we assess the situation with Gastone Partisani, Chairman of RTS France

How did RTS’s adventure in France begin?

"For over 30 years, RTS has been the leading software house in Italy for the development and provision of IT solutions to ensure the integrated management of business processes for companies in the cardboard sector. Companies using RTS solutions make more than 40% of all the cardboard produced in Italy.

By focusing on quality and using our know-how, specific to the cardboard sector, we have reached excellence. Our experts have been able to develop unique skills in order to enable our clients to reorganize their business processes in an efficient and productive manner, using innovative tools such as our ERP: designed to optimize production, logistics, purchasing, sales and business intelligence in a harmonious way. About five years ago, RTS decided to bring its know-how and its software solutions to the rest of Europe.

Our international experience started in 2007, with the creation of a branch in Spain. This office quickly became one of the leading providers of ERP software for companies in the cardboard sector, winning over some of the most important local producers.

Our experience in Spain has become a springboard for further international operations. RTS management has taken the leap to start operating in other countries including France, with the opening of a branch in Paris.

In the last two years, we have been active in the French market, with many important activities which spread from Paris nationwide. So far the experience has been very satisfactory, with businesses in the cardboard sector showing great interest in our decision to enter the French market. In addition, many of them have already asked us to help them develop their IT systems; they appreciate the quality and the effectiveness of our software applications, as well as our experience in this specific field.

Therefore, it was natural for me and Mauro Mercadante to decide to develop our business in France and French-speaking countries.

Success at Carsudest

"Carsudest was one of the first companies in France to choose us to work with them. It is a group that brings together three corrugated packaging production units operating in the Rhône Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Languedoc Roussillon regions, each of which has specific know-how. This allows Carsudest to cover a wide range of corrugated cardboard products, from microflute to triplewall.

In 2013, the group decided to create a single IT system to accompany its growth and especially to harmonize and unify the various systems used at its 3 sites. To do this, the group needed new managing tools, so to better organize activities and decision-taking, increasing as a result the company’s profitability as well.

After analyzing the solutions available on the market, the choice was RTS’s integrated architecture, for all its sites.

The main reasons that led to this choice were:

• The integrated approach of the ERP system in the management of all business processes.

• The completeness and flexibility of RTSv8 functionality, capable of improving interactions with customers and suppliers and managing real-time information on orders, shipments and sales.

• The ability to continuously, directly and completely monitor all information regarding the progress of orders.

• Finally, the organisation and responsiveness of a highly customer-oriented company, able to provide technical and consulting support with staff that were highly qualified and specialized in the field of corrugated cardboard."

What are RTS’s prospects in French-speaking countries, particularly in North Africa?

"We have developed a number of new interesting contacts with local partners which are feeding a network that is already well structured.

We have also invested heavily in translating our ERP software into French to meet the needs of our French-speaking customers in North Africa and the Middle East; at the same time, the Spanish version of our software has enabled us to develop interesting contacts in Latin America, another region which is very important to us, due to the high economic growth rate.

In addition to continuing to develop the capabilities of our RTS Global ERP, fully web and mobile friendly, this year we will launch a new range of solutions called Easy Green, designed to meet the needs of businesses that want to optimize their manufacturing processes and logistics in line with environmental protection issues. This is a solution that is specifically aimed at companies which want to achieve continuous innovation and stand out in the market, by increasing their competitiveness and responsibly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Finally, RTS offers a new innovative methodology, called RTS Smart Company, for the optimization of business processes in the cardboard industry. RTS Smart Company is designed to improve the operating performance of companies in the sector, in an effective and sustainable way."