Ondulados Carme

“The decision to adopt an integrated system for the management of business processes dates back to 2008, when we started a selection between the main ERP systems of the most known international producers and the suppliers of the most important vertical application solutions, specialized for the companies that produce corrugated cardboard, just like us.

The result of this meticulous software selection led us to choose RTS in 2013, excluding other international brands. The impact of this innovative solution spread throughout the entire organization, letting us optimize all our business areas with a detailed and proactive control, in real time, of costs and production times.

RTS software proved to be a truly crucial tool to cope with important strategic decisions. For the growth of a company like ours it is essential to combine the adoption of integrated, innovative and vertical application solutions capable to fully respond to our operating features with the support and the counseling of a partner skilled in the peculiarities of our sector.

In this sense, RTS guarantees a constant support for the optimization of our processes and always trustworthy and cutting edge solutions, therefore we recommend them to all the companies of the sector who aim to a constant and gradual development of their business.”

Josep Maria Profitos, CEO Ondulados Carme