Gifco conference: RTS towards the digitalisation of the corrugated industry

RTS has recently participated in the annual GIFCO conference held on 19th and 20th May in Rome at the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.

Robertino Piazza, Technical Director of RTS, has offered some important points to the associates about the direction to take in order to face the digital transformation of the companies.

In particular, he has highlighted the importance of digitalising the communication and the processes’ management in order to be faster and more flexible in the service to the customer, also relying on the economic facilities and advantages offered by the national plan for Industry 4.0.

In this respect, RTS puts itself as a technological partner able to guide the companies on this path through 3 key steps: strategy, architecture, applications.

In the first step RTS supports the companies in the “designing” of the transformation in digital enterprise: through the application of the Smart Company 4.0 methodology, and above all building on the 35 years’ experience in the specific sector of cardboard, RTS is able to map and analyse the business processes to suggest improving actions aimed at achieving the automation of the processes.

The second key step is the provision of a software architecture appropriate to the achievement of the targets set during the designing phase. RTS proposes the Global platform, conceived to assure the continuous evolution of the information system: based on web services, which allow communication online and with the machine following a perfect Industry 4.0 logic, Global is able to manage also in mobility the communications and the processes at 360°, through a “digital workflow” that integrates the ERP with the sales force.

All the applications to manage and control the business, which constitute the third and last key step of the digitalisation path, are based on this architecture. Within the most interesting news offered by the RTS portfolio, which always stands out for verticality, specificity and integration, there are:

  • the company business dashboard, an integrated application that displays an immediate graphic flash directly on the mobile device, with simple and intuitive KPI configurable on the user profile and always updated in real time;
  • the new CRM functionalities of the web module SmartSales, which allow the analysis of the competitors on customers and prospects and the structured sharing, in mobility and in real time, of the data collected “on site” by the sales force.

Robertino Piazza concluded his intervention underlining how the important and delicate steps allow the workflows to be more fluid and effective, in perfect tune with the “Lean Production” philosophy.