Our goal is environmental sustainability. RTS EasyGreen is here to help you monitor and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Respect for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, but something that really singles out companies and makes them worthy of recognition in the world of business. More and more companies choose their suppliers based on the emphasis they place on environmental sustainability.

In recent years, this consideration has established itself as a major trend, influencing the evolution of business processes and the development of companies’ production and organizational processes. RTS Information Systems, the leading software house in Italy in providing ERP solutions and consulting services for the optimization of business processes for companies in the cardboard sector, and also very active internationally, has decided to develop EasyGreen, an indispensable tool for the monitoring and optimization of environmental impact, designed around the specific needs of the sector.

An innovative and proven solution

"With RTS EasyGreen, companies in the world of cardboard can count on a simple and customizable tool to monitor their CO2 emissions”, said Massimo Partisani (Executive Director of RTS Information Systems). “We have developed this innovative tool and are offering our related consultancy services to allow companies to fine tune it to best fit their operations. The idea was born as a result of feedback received from a number of our customers who are always looking to the latest trends and were also attracted to the incentives offered by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, which in its turn is trying to support businesses invest in calculating their carbon footprint and reducing their environmental impact. I must admit that it is a very exciting challenge to help businesses work more effectively in the eyes of their suppliers and the public. It has also given us a great chance to share ideas with experts in the field, with whom we have developed tools and methodologies that are enjoying critical acclaim and achieving concrete results."

Main features

EasyGreen allows the user to quantify the environmental impact of business processes and production machinery, up to the moment of the delivery of the product to the customer. In particular, it allows the user to systematically measure the KPIs related to established improvement targets and to inform users proactively through automatic alerts related to abnormal variations of the same KPIs. It also provides the ability to analyse the CO2 produced in a certain timeframe, by product category, customer, by product line, geographic area; in addition, it is the ideal tool to perform simulations of environmental impact scenarios related to changes in volumes due to production mixes. "

EasyGreen is a solution that can also be accessed via web and mobile device, and has been developed in collaboration with international partners with specific expertise in the reduction of environmental impact. It is accompanied by a personalized consulting service based on the characteristics of each company.