Bestack is an open consortium within companies that produce corrugated carboard packaging with a particular specialization in the fruit and vegetables sector.

Bestack was born in 2004 to provide support in the field of research, sector promotion and company certification. Over the years, the consortium structure has grown so much that the ensemble of its associates represents more than the 95% of the Italian packaging production for fruit and vegetables.

“In a constantly changing scenario, like the current one that force companies to pay the maximum attention on themes such the development of innovative offers, of products and services highly customized and designed to effectively and profitably meet the needs of the customers, more and more attentive and demanding, the role of RTS inside Bestack is definitely strategic. Despite not being a packaging producer, RTS is the reference technological partner inside our organization as it is, to all effects, the most expert software house of the sector, able to provide to our associates full support in the development of business processes and company digitalization. RTS can help our members to successfully deal with future challenges through a complete and integrated portfolio of high profile counselling services, in addition to the vertical and tested ERP solutions, designed to increment the creation of value and check in real time profits, costs and business sustainability.”