System for the management, handling and localisation of rolls in stock

EasyStock Rolls allows:

  • to manage the rolls stock in terms of taking over, stocking and localisation, unload at the machine for each single roll;
  • to display the paper scheduling directly on board of the forklift, updated with the real status of production at the machine and useful for the check of the rolls queue already set at the machine.

Each forklift of the rolls warehouse is equipped with a touch screen PC constantly wireless connected with the internal business network and a long-range barcode reader in keyboard emulation.

The rolls warehouse is divided in separate physical locations identified by a univocal “location code”.

The definition table of locations allows to attribute, for each position, a specific paper type to be preferred during storage.

The function active on the PC of the forklift can manage at the same time the handling of rolls in stock and the control of the requirement status of the machine.

There is a unique screen divided in the following sections:

  • paper requirement status
  • acceptation of rolls codes read for handling
  • information data related to the handling

All the income rolls in stock are previously labelled and known by the managing system RTSv8.

The system, at the reading of a roll code, describes the characteristics of the selected roll (paper type, grammage, height, weight, estimated linear meters, original supplier), the locations of other rolls of the same type and grammage and any stock location attributed to the type and grammage of the paper being processed.

The operator identifies the handled roll and indicates the stock position by reading the barcode of the location, or by entering it on the keyboard: the system automatically stores the position of the roll.

The estimated requirement is automatically updated every 5 minutes, directly taking the data from the job order progress coming from the interface with the machine.

The timing is recalculated and the requirements are updated at the real progress. In case of modifications of the production scheduling for a requirement already taken to the machine the system signals it with a specific alarm.

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