EasySend is the module for the automatic issuing of delivery notes

EasySend allows to automate the issuing of the Delivery Notes and it is perfectly integrated with RTSv8 system.

The billing process is carried out through the reading of the labels barcodes that identify the packages: during the issuing of the Delivery Notes the operators create the packing list directly reading the labels of the packages to be shipped with barcode readers.

In particular, EasySend allows:

  • to print the label of the finished product on laser printer with all the necessary data and the barcode to identify the production output;
  • to issue the labels directly at the production machine or at the end of the line, so that it is possible define with certainty the related quantities;
  • to make the reading of customers and products in any order, as the final ordering is managed by the procedure;
  • to manually rectify any errors made during the reading or correct any anomaly reported by the system;
  • to display the loaded pallet;
  • to print detailed inventory per pallet;

The main advantages ensured by EasySend are:

  • to eliminate errors during the issuing of delivery notes;
  • to optimise the timing of the billing process;
  • to have a more detailed stock situation.