System for the automatic detection of rolls consumption and traceability

EasyRoll allows to determine the entering in production of each roll and to relate it to the working program, so that it is possible to know with certainty the raw material used to produce a specific cardboard batch.

The system works directly on the corrugator machine: the wave groups and the gluer are equipped with a PC, a specific PDC data detector, a barcode reader in keyboard emulation and a laser printer (adequate to the printing of rolls labels) directly connected to the company network.

For each roll, the operator will detect the number through the barcode reader of its own PC or by typing the number.

The system automatically associates the roll’s number to the location from where the reading is made: the time of the entering in production is registered as well as the production report coming from the check point at the cutter.

In case of partial consumption of the roll, the operator register the return to stock of the exceeding part.

In addition, EasyRoll can provide upon request:

  • the list of the rolls used to produce a specific job order
  • the actual production scheduling with the related used rolls.