Management of environmental certifications

EasyFSC is the module that integrates in RTS system the functions necessary to manage the certification process of the paper-finished package chain according to the specifications required by FSC and PEFC, allowing companies to certificate their products (with the assistance of the certification agency) in an automated way.

The objectives of EasyFSC are:

  • to manage the data necessary for FSC certification
  • to manage the data necessary for PEFC certification

In particular, it is possible:

  • to encode the certification per type of document (finished product label, order to cardboard supplier, Delivery Note to be shipped, invoice, etc.);
  • to encode the types of certifications per customer;
  • to define, in the technical sheet, the certification code to be used for each component;
  • to have in each line of the Delivery Note the certification code that should be applied;
  • to print the certification notes of each line of the invoice referred to a sale with certification, according to the related Delivery Note.
  • to have a control report that allows the verification of the certifications used by the production supply chain for each job order, comparing the certifications of the different incoming goods with those of the sales.