RTS Global
The ERP Architecture of RTS

Global is the new ERP platform for the management of business processes that incorporates the latest generation of web technologies, ready for cloud and to be deployed with the 'As a Service' formula

Global integrates all the ERP functionalities of RTSv8 and answers all the current and future needs for a secure and diversified mobile access to all information, with any “smart” device connected to the internet.

It guarantees the total control from business to production and logistics, with a particular focus on security access, data control, system ”proactivity”, without ignoring emerging aspects such as environmental sustainability.

RTS Global is a complete, modular and tested architecture. The RTS applications allow the provision of 360° management of the job order cycle and have full control of the production process, from estimation to final balance. In this way, the order status is at the centre of business operations.

The business processes involved are optimized in terms of speed and ease of execution:

  • the economic management control is automatic and guaranteed
  • analytics are always available as well as the base support for strategic decisions.

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